Aftermarket Pistons

Aftermarket Pistons

Postby mack124 » Thu Apr 17, 2014 9:32 am

What is considered a good aftermarket piston these days?

I'm tossing around ideas for pistons to use is my 2300 S engine. Oversize originals items are nearly impossible to find and when you do find them the seller wants an arm and a leg for them. (I've already used me quota of arms and legs)

The bores are 78mm and I know they can be taken out to 80mm and use a 124/125 piston with a few mods, however they too seem to be getting hard to find especially a matched set of "6".

The next option is Mazda B1600 or B1800 pistons. They are 78mm and have a 22mm pin and the compression height is so very close to what I want giving me a little control over compression AND they are available from several piston manufacturers. At this stage this path seems to have more options and ticks all the boxes....So the question is who is a good piston maker/supplier?

Bearing in mind that this is not going to be a race motor but I do want it to perform and have some sort of longevity and if I live long enough, it needs to be rebuildable in the future....way in the future.

Any insight or information is welcome.
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