X1/9 clutch bleed.

X1/9 clutch bleed.

Postby Super Brava » Mon May 30, 2016 9:17 pm

I know Dave's heart just skipped a beat. Driving home last night the clutch pedal traveled further before meeting resistance, and took up not far off the floor. When I got home I grabbed a torch and checked the reservoir fluid, empty, it was full a couple of weeks ago. I topped it off, but when I left for work this morning it was worse, I got up the street but had to turn around and park it. I jumped in the 131, haven't driven it in weeks and it felt so different. I planned on trying to bleed it when I got home, but Hamish wasn't home to give me a hand. I tried bleeding it myself with a long piece of wood pushing on the pedal, I got a bit of fluid out of the slave cylinder, but lost any pedal I had. After a couple of attempts I gave up and decided to try another tac. We used to bleed the brakes on helicopters by pumping fluid up from the calipers to the master in the cockpit. So I got a 20ml syringe, filled it and a length of hose with brake fluid, hooked it up to the slave cylinder bleed nipple, cracked the nipple and pumped the fluid in. When the syringe was empty I tightened the nipple and checked the pedal, it was high and hard and functioned beautifully. The failure of the slave cylinder obviates the reason why there was a new one amongst the spares that came with the car, a job for the weekend.
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