New X1/9 for sale.

New X1/9 for sale.

Postby Mark » Thu Apr 02, 2015 6:05 am

There is one new X1/9 with zero Km.
I can't work out if it sold, valued at or for sale at AUD$32,000 but you would need to pick it up from Italy.
It's VIN puts is between April and September build 1988.
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Fiat X1/9 - 1978 (Metallic Blue)
Fiat X1/9 - 1978 (Metallic Green)
Fiat X1/9 - 1978 (Metallic Orange)
Fiat X1/9 - 1982 (Dark Blue)
Bertone X1/9 - 1988 (Red/Metal now)
Bertone X1/9 - 1988 (White)
Bertone X1/9 - 1988 (Grey)
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